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Collection of personal information by your submission on the South Pacific Roof Trusses website, will be used only for the purpose stated. Which is to respond to your online enquiry. Your personal information will not be disclosed to any other persons or organisations. There is a risk when transmitting information across the internet that such information may be intercepted. This website does not provide facilities for the secure transmission of information across the internet.

Technical Literature

Although the information in the technical literature has been checked, it should only be used by persons qualified to design in the applications covered in the technical literature. It is the responsibility of each user to make an independent assessment of each structure and to apply the information in the technical literature only where appropriate. South Pacific Roof Trusses takes no responsibility if the information contained is incorrectly or inappropriately applied or interpreted or used otherwise than set out in these guides.


Even if every care is taken to ensure that information provided from the South Pacific Roof Trusses website is accurate, users should note that this website may be altered without notice and data entry errors may occur; we apologise in advance for such occurrences, but no responsibility is accepted for inconvenience or loss this may cause. No responsibility is taken for content on or corruption occurring from websites linked to this website. No guarantee is given that access to the South Pacific Roof Trusses website will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that the servers that make it available are free of viruses or other harmful components or for its correctness, accuracy or reliability.

Ownership of Materials 

The information contained in this site is copyrighted and may not be distributed, modified, reproduced in whole or in part without the permission of South Pacific Roof Trusses.

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